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Veterans For Peace Chapter 49 in Indianapolis represents military veterans and families whose goal is a Peaceful and Just Society. We seek the best we can be as Americans, a society that pursues constructive long-term solutions to resolve conflicts and to provide meaningful and fulfilling lives for all concerned. We followed the call to serve our country and to fight for Freedom and Democracy. We swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and its values in equality, justice, and responsibility for all members of our society... a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. We continue to serve to realize an America that lives up to our own values and ideals, and a society that reflects the best we can be as human beings.

Who pays the costs of war?

Those of us who have served in war understand that violence and destruction breeds a cycle of violence and destruction. Our national leaders have asked us to kill other human beings without a clear a clear goal of how our sacrifices would lead to long-term solutions that benefit Americans and the world. We became aware first-hand of the costs of war. We lost our comrades and members of our families, and have experienced the high rates of PTSD, suicide, domestic violence, and other tragic problems our troops bring back from war. We also see the faces of those whom we have killed, and of the women and children and families whose homes and lives we destroyed. We look at an economy where trillions are spent on destruction, while people in our own communities and around the world suffer from malnutrition and illness and lack of hope in life.

Who really benefits from war?

We have also seen who benefits from war. We have witnessed a few who become rich and powerful from violence and destruction, while the rest of us bear the economic and social burdens. For whom are wars really fought?

So how can we promote peaceful alternatives to conflicts?

As military veterans and families, we call for:

How could we have better used the $5 trillion we have spent on our recent Middle Eastern wars?
For example, $60 billion would end world hunger.

Our Veterans For Peace group follows this approach in trying to resolve specific conflicts, including:

  • A Peace Budget.
  • Peace in the South China Sea.
  • Peace in Palestine.
  • Peace with Iran.
  • As veterans who have experienced war, we ask our communities and our elected officials to support long-term constructive alternatives to resolving conflicts.

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